Monday, July 21, 2008


Our friends Frank and Wendi (you have seen them alot on the blog) gave Pierce this bubble toy... and he can now say BUBBLES... we save this awesome game for when Blake comes home and Pierce now knows that when Dad walks in the door all he has to say to Daddy is Bubbles and they go outside for the best time ever. These pictures are not that good of him but I wanted you to know that he loves BUBBLES.

I think he might have been break dancing here with JOY.

It is hard to tell but this is right when Pierce was learning how to say Bubbles... Daddy was teaching him a new word... now it is clear as day... enjoy the show.


Lindsay Countryman said...

The lion video is so great! I sat and cried watching! Really cool.

We miss you guys So much!
Jessica had Andrew yesterday (Sunday)--not sure if you heard.
I'll email later!
Love you guys!!

Landry Land said...

I loved it when Caroline started saying bubbles, it sounded so sweet. I love the bubble pics

Peggy said...

Just beautiful! Cherish every moment!

The Westcott Family said...

So fun! We really miss you guys. I could really use some Camille time (and I could b-sit for Pierce too).

Thornton family said...

How much fun! It is so cool that Pierce and Daddy get to do that together - those are special moments! We miss you all!


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