Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our baby is ONE and a HALF... slow down!

Pierce turned 1.5 years on July 4th (neat half year birthday)... now that he is 18 mos I thought I would share with you some of the things he is doing (probably for family members only :-)).

He also went to his 18 month checkup and everything looks great and Dr. said he seemed to be on track... no shots this go around but he will have to get one more when he turns 2yrs.

Pierce is 34.6 inches (97%) and 34.1 lbs (99%, but he has lost weight since his last check up here)

Pierce is/can:

-Say these words: Scout, shoe, bird, fish, mama, dada, Do Do (short for JuJu), ball, down, please, baba (short for Barney), Elmo, Bye, dog, sorry, go-g0-go. (The Dr. said he should be saying at least 10 words by 2 years... so he is on track)

- Perform to these commands: Lets go outside, Push the button, wave bye bye, Love/Love (blow kisses), say please (he can say and perform sign language), say sorry (he can do sing language), say thank you (sometimes can sign), what do you want to do (he will respond with get down), what do you say (he will respond with please), he can eat with a spoon and fork, he can drink from a straw in a cup, he can hold a cup and get mostly of the fluid in his mouth, he can close a door when asked to, he stops when you say no (sometimes :-0), he can point to himself, mom, dad and JuJu when you ask him where they are, he plays hide and seek, when you say ready set go he will start to run and play ball, he can throw the ball (really well), when you say ready set go in the water he will start to swim with his floaties on, when you say do you want to get in trouble he knows that timeout is coming.

- He can build with blocks 2-3 blocks high

- He is getting better at climbing stairs and going down stairs

- He can go down the slide by himself on his belly

- Hilarious things that he does now: He has started to be bashful with the ladies (see the pics), when we need to pay the taxi he takes the money out of my hand and wants to hand it to the driver, when we pull up to our condo he knows to wave to the security guards to let us in, when he sees something really cool he will make his lips in an O shape and say "oh". When mommy and daddy kiss he wants to break it up and give us both kisses... and if Aunt JuJu is around she gets one too.

- Schedule: Wakes up around 8am, plays until lunch, has lunch around 12:30 and then gets a nap for about 1.5-2 hours, plays, eats dinner, bath at 7:30, bed at 8pm (yes 12 hours of sleep... awesome).

I am sure there is lots more (that I am missing), but I just wanted to have this documented and keep the grandparents up to speed on our fast growing boy.

Here are some pics of our bashful boy (I think he was mad here too but you get the picture)... he raises up his shoulders and buries his face in his shoulder usually with a smile but here I think he was mad:

Aunt JuJu gave this present to Pierce... his reaction is so cute.

This was the first time that I think he really understood what unwrapping a present was all about... so cute.

I think he might be a little OCD like his mama... he wanted to hand me every little piece of paper that he tore off.

Here he is putting the paper into the duster... I love it when he is clean but don't be fooled this does not happen all the time.

We eventually made it to the box... he was getting so excited.

When he saw that it was a GUITAR... he started dancing... it was like he knew it made music... it was so cute... you can see him here so happy.

He loves his guitar and figuring out how it makes music... needs some major tuning but it will work for now.

Our happy boy... happy 18 mos.

Can you tell his loves his BLUE guitar?

This is the face I was talking about when he sees something that he really likes or thinks that is cool... he will say "OH" sometimes followed by boy... "OH BOY".

Still dancing and having a good time with his new guitar.

Pierce playing with his new guitar.

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