Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thailand - Day 2

The day of Elephants... day 2 was so special bc we got to see something that I never knew was possible... swimming elephants. The elephant above was about 30 feet from his owner the whole time but he was just swimming/rolling/playing in the ocean... hysterical and amazing.

This elephant, JUMBO, came to the resort to play with the kids... you could take a ride, get a picture or just say hello (that is what we did... Pierce was not sure about the whole thing)... the best part is the owner was not looking for tips or payment... just a perk of the resort.

This is as close as Pierce wanted to be... he was not sure... the elephant did different poses for all the pictures.

Here is a beautiful picture from the beach... Phuket means Mountain in Thai... so that is how Phuket got its name... see the mountain and to the left is the elephant lying down in the water.
Some would think this was me carrying Pierce... but look closer... no this is Blake... with baby and beach bag in hand... and Julie's hat on his head... Julie and I were on Vacation so we made Blake do all the work... Just Kidding but I thought I could not pass up taking this picture.
A closer look...here is my little man... so cute holding on to daddy.

Here is the elephant playing in the water... I did not think to capture this on video until he was headed out of the water... but pretty cool.


erin said...

The picture of the swimming elephant is very cool. Pierce sure is having a lot of great experiences.=)

The Westcott Family said...

Looks like a fun vacation! Was the elephant smelly?

Perks said...

How beautiful! We went to Phuket on AFCO in '96. We obviously didn't stay at the Marriot Resort and Spa but even where we stayed was amazing! Enjoy!

Queen of the house! said...

what a priceless moment....you will never forget that....

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

Amazing. What a cool experience. I'm so jealous.


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