Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thailand - Day 3

This was a day of relaxation... the spa and swimming... the hotel offered babysitting so we had them come watch Pierce while he was taking a nap in the room while we all went to get a massage. After our massage we headed to the pool to enjoy some grownup time... but soon we all started to miss Pierce so we went and picked him up from the activity room (where they took him after he woke up from his nap)... and then we all had fun in the water...

Here I combined the last two final days... a full day of spa and swimming and the the day we left to head back to Singapore.

Receptionist station... Thai people are so nice and I love the way they greet you.

So nice... and a beautiful seating and shower area outside the room.

Blake got a massage with me... just like our honeymoon... it was so nice and it was 90 minutes long... never had that before... will have a hard time going back to 60 minutes... HE HE HE...I think I am getting spoiled here.

Kiddie Pool

Having so much fun with Pierce

Hey mom... you should get in... the water is great.

OK... remember this picture... this was taken on the first day... Pierce did not know what to think about the slide.

Here he is on the last day... he grew to love the slide and could not get enough of it... I think Dad had just as much fun... so cute.

Here are my boys... just kicked back on the plane.

Pierce watching his movie with Daddy's head phones... brilliant for babies...

Julie reading... she has completed one book and has two more in the works since she has been here... go Julie.

Here is Pierce in the airport on our return trip to Singapore... our plane was delayed a couple of minutes so we decided to play catch to pass the time... this is his favorite thing to do... although he can not catch... he sure can throw... we had a good laugh before the plane (and we were trying to wear him out before we had to get still for an hour and a half :-)).

A little more for your entertainment.


EDENS said...

I always check your blog too and yall are always doing something so fun. We miss you guys and you look very trendy in all your pics. Pierce sure can throw. Maybe he will be a pitcher someday. I love being able to see what you are doing and get all your inspiring messages. we miss you guys daily and think of you often. I show Grant the pics and he will point to Pierce he totally remembers him.

Kara said...

So much fun playing catch! I love that kid!!! I am so happy you guys have some great quality time with Julie. What a blessing she is! Please know we think about you all the time and miss you bunches. Give everyone a hug and kiss!


Lisa said...

I love these pictures - and admittedly am quite jealous! Looks like you guys had an amazing time.

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

As always you guys look like you are having a blast. You seriously have to come back. We have spas here and the Fort Worth Zoo has a great elephant exhibit. :-)


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