Monday, July 7, 2008

Thailand Day 1 - July 4th!

We arrived on the night of the 3rd and were greeted with orchid lays, Lysol smelling cold towels and non-alcoholic mojitos. So far so good... We then checked in and were escorted to our 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living room and kitchen condo that was amazing and well suited for our clan (Blake, Pierce, Julie and I). We called it an early night and greeted the 4th of July (the next day) around 11am (when Pierce finally woke up).

Julie gave Pierce this cute 4th of July outfit and we dressed him and headed to the pool (the above pic is of Pierce wearing the beautiful lay and his 4th of July shirt)... I can not wait for you to see all the pictures of the resort... it was awesome and we hated to see each day end.

We stayed at the JW Marriot Resort and Spa in Phuket Thailand... if anyone is interested.

Enjoy the pictures for our first day and there are more to come... so stay tuned.

Here is a picture of the adult pool... needless to say we never stopped to enjoy this pool.

Here are my boys walking to the pool... so cute.

Along the way Pierce found a coconut and wanted to play soccer with it.

OK... we are now at the kiddy pool and this was Pierce's first ride down the slide... when I show you the last day you will see a huge difference in his enthusiasm and facial expression (are you in suspense.... you will have to wait).

This started our 4th of July celebration... we watched these Thai men play music while wading in the water.

Here are my people watching the show.

Pierce does not know what to think...

Then the ladies came out (with fake nails) and danced.

At night we got a babysitter once Pierce went to sleep and we headed to the steak restaurant to celebrate... did you notice we are wearing red, white and blue... this was the only red, white and blue around.

AWWWW... so sweet.

After dinner... Blake and I went to the Blue Bar to have a drink and relax... Julie went back to the condo to relieve the babysitter and go to bed... we were not to long behind her... but it was nice to get away with just my hubby for a little while.

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Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

Very cool. You need to quit having soo much fun. I'm never going to get you to come back. :-(


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