Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A day at Vivo City!

On Friday we did not have alot planned but I could tell Pierce needed/wanted out of the condo... we called our friend Tracy and meet her up at Vivo City... a local mall that has a Starbucks and a great children's play area.

There is a water play area that is why Pierce is with no shirt.

There are some unusual toys here in Singapore/Asia... you will see but none the less they are still fun. This is an egg that is suspended from the roof and spins around... Pierce loved it.

Another meaning of window shopping... we were playing and then Pierce starts running for the balls in the window.

Here is another one of those weird toys... I think this is suppose to blow bubbles... but it is never on.
See the Starbucks in the back... YEAH for mommy... Pierce is really to small (never thought I would say that) to ride these animals but the worker said he could sit on one and I could push it...He soon wanted down so he could... well you will see in the next picture.
He could push it... more like it. (this is the same day but I had to change his clothes bc he was so wet from the water.)

Pierce playing... he does it quite well with just himself...


EDENS said...

we are going to a splash park today. It looks like Pierce really loves the water. Grant is going around. As for your question of the Forth I wore a red dress with my splarkle flip flops. We tried to look cute in our red white and blue. I miss our little community too. They had a really big parade this year.

Landry Land said...

What a fun place! Especially with the starbucks right there!

SheridanLeftwich said...

More BIG fun! You guys are killing me! You make our life look so boring.


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