Monday, July 14, 2008

Zoo with Julie!

When Julie was here we took here to the famous Singapore Zoo... it was great... the weather was good and animals were all out to play. Pierce was distracted by some birds.

Pierce is ready to go... here we are at the entrance... can you tell he is so excited.

Mommy... I love the fish.

The cool thing about this zoo... is there are not alot cages and alot of animals (like this monkey) are just hanging out in trees... so crazy but cool.

I don't think I have ever seen Polar Bears at a zoo... but here you go.

Cousin Lauren this is for you... see the Giraffes in the background.

Here Pierce is trying to give the Iguana some juice... our sweet boy always trying to share... I do have to admit he looked thirsty.

Not sure what they are looking at but two peas in a pod.... I think it might have been the seals.

Here is the end of the day when Pierce was trying to call all of his friends (using his robot man for a phone) to tell them all about the zoo.


Landry Land said...

Pierce is one lucky little guy, he gets do/see such fun stuff! Love all the posts lately, the trip ya'll took looks like it was wonderful!

Queen of the house! said...

what a fantastic zoo!!! Been thinking about you...I have been going to Terry Hershey park and everytime I am there I think about my first time...with you and your friends! SO fun! Brayden has become quite a man, he rode his bike out there today and he did AWESOME!!! we went to Kirkwood and he only had to walk a couple of times. I even got him to cruise down several hills!!!

I am SO excited to take your pics...yeah just keep me updated on your visit...CAN'T wait to see and and get that hug!!! I too feel you are someone dear and yet we have had very little time together I guess that is what it is like when you know the Spirit of God resides in someone and we truly are sisters in Christ!....LOVE your music always on your blog, so worshipful!

Love ya girlie!!!!! see you in Jan!

Thornton family said...

It looks like you are having so much fun with Julie there! I am so impressed with all that you guys have there to do. How far is the drive to these different places? Pierce is so cute and is growing up so much. Miss you all!

Peggy said...

Hey Camille! It's Peggy. How are you? You and your family look great. You are truly blessed and a blessing. I was at a RediClinic party and heard you had a blog and live in Singapore. WOW! If I understand by reading your blog, you will be back in January? Kendall and I just returned from a mission trip to Belize. Write me May the Lord bless you and keep you.
Much love-Peggy


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