Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Last Days with Julie!

Julie is gone... and we miss her already... She left on Saturday and yes I am little slow in getting this blog up but I wanted to make sure I got everything of her trip blogged first... :-)

Here are Julies last couple of days with us.
On Thursday night Blake wanted to take Julie to the place where he lived in 2003 and for her to eat the great steak across the street (another place he would of called home in 2003... the restaurant) at Hoo Ha's Cafe. They do serve a really good steak but it is a hole in the wall.

Here is Pierce enjoying his steak (chicken and tomatoes).

Julie was missed from home.... Her man sent her flowers... and Pierce wanted to smell them.

The last night we wanted to take Julie to Clark Que and Boat Que (sort of like the river at San Antonio)... on our way to get some appetizers at Clark Que I had to get a picture of them sitting at the CLINIC Bar... so funny. You can either sit in wheel chairs or behind hospital sheet dividers and drink from an ivy.

We had to take Julie for her last night in Singapore to Boat Que to try the famous Chili Crab.

Of course Blake was not up for the crab so he got chili beef.

Well here is our crab... we split this monstrous thing... I think I ate 75% and Julie 25%.

Dig in and enjoy!

That is a big pierce of meat.

Here is Jimmy the owner... he is famous around these parts and even has commercials (or at least he told us so).

Here is a pic of Boat Que from the opposite side... all the colorful lights are different restaurants that line the river.

We miss you Julie! (This picture was before bed time and Pierce was not feeling well...)

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Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

Oh my goodness! He looks like a little boy in that picture with the maroon shirt on! He is growing into such a handsome young man!


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