Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Bird Park with Aunt JuJu!

"OK Mom... I am ready to go to the Bird Park with Aunt JuJu... don't I look cute?"

He was already to go and man he thought he was the best dressed person... he had a grin on his face and was posing for the camera.

Thank you Aunt Shelly for the great Bird Park outfit... very appropriate for the occasion (not sure if you can tell it has little Toucans on the shirt).

I am ready to go... can you tell.

They had a waterfall at the bird park... and it is largest man made water fall in the world... it was so pretty.

Checking something out... Pierce did not fell all to well today... he was in the middle of a cold but he was such a trooper.. he never complained about how hot it was and he sat in his stroller the entire morning.

We went to two shows (with Julie's guidance we made it on time) and here was Pierce favorite called the "Bird Buddies"... it was so much fun and birds flying everywhere they even had people dressed up in costumes as birds...

Kind of a blurry shot but the best I could get.... here they had Parrots flying through hoops... it was so cool.

They had a place where you could feed the birds... at first we thought Julie was going to hold the cup and food and I was going to take pictures but that did not work very well (Julie was quick to take the camera after the first couple of birds landed on her). These birds were gorgeous... not only really friendly but so pretty/handsome.

They would just land about anywhere they could... here is one on my shoulder... freaked me out alittle bit bc I thought it was going to start nibbling on my ear...:-)

They landed on Pierce's stroller... he thought it was so cool.

Here Pierce is getting alittle to confident... he is reaching out to touch the birds tail... good job away from the head but wait and see what happened.

He got nibbled on... and if you can tell by his facial expression he did not think that was very nice of the bird... so funny... he didn't cry but it definitely put him in his place.

Here he is after the nibble.. happy again but hands are back in his lap... sometimes they have to learn the hard way.

Then one landed on my head and I was scared he was going to poop on me.

Getting tired and ready to leave... but I could not pass up sharing with you those thighs... don't you just want to bite them... HE HE HE

As a tribute to Pierce... these were his favorite.


Thornton family said...

I love the tropical look on Pierce. The pictures are priceless. His facial expressions are wonderful. I can't wait until Zack gets bigger so we can start seeing his personality come forth. Also, if he likes Pink Flamingos so much, maybe you can buy some plastic ones for your yard when you get back. LOL!

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

Oh my! Soo much to catch up on and so little time. First of all I AM reading your blog even though I am not commenting. I'm actually on my way out but I wanted to let you know I am reading it. Cool bird place. They have that in Dallas too, you know. So you can come back. The birds land all over you (and poop on you too). :-) Pierce is soo handsome. What a big boy! I can't believe he can say all those words. That seems like forever away for little Ave, but I know it isn't. You win blogger of the year award! Keep it up!

J Katy Garner said...

so fun!!! when I read your blog I think hmmmm I need to go to more exotic locations.. Pierce is adorable as usual!

da momma said...

wow!!!! so cool and you look so pretty what an expierence yall are getting


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