Sunday, July 27, 2008

Care Package from the Jenkins!

There was a knock at the door and the post man asked if I was Nancy... I immediately knew what he was trying to say and said "Yes"... we got a package from my dear friend (old co-worker at InterFit) Nancy Jenkins (Eccles) and her family. We have stayed in touch since she left Houston and headed for the big city Dallas, TX where she met the love of her life and had a baby girl. Nancy and I go way back... even to Blake and I's engagement night where Nancy was a witness (see picture above on our engagement night).

We thank you so much Nancy, you have always been very thoughtful and a great gift giver... I remember the time I meet up with Nancy in NY (the same trip as when I got engaged) and we went shopping... she went and checked out at a store and then came up to me and gave me a bracelet (a bracelet that I wore just last night)... so sweet and I love you.

Thank you for thinking of us (so far away)... you really made my day... really all the days that my chai tea will last... you rock!

The card on the left says "Howdy" when you open it up... Nice Touch Nancy. She also knows how much I love some trendy shoes and twizzlers... how she remembers all this years later I will never know but she is good.

Ok... there is story here... I owe my Starbucks addiction ($6 a cup here in Singapore)... Soy Chai Tea Latte with no water... all to Nancy... bc of her I am now broke. I told her via email a couple of weeks ago that the Chai Tea here was not the same bc they do not use Vanilla Soy Milk... and it takes away from some of the flavor... so sweet Nancy went out and got me some and sent it to me... So sweet.

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nancy said...

I can't believe that picture! I remember that night like it was yesterday...I remember Dale telling me, "Okay Nancy, when we go in here, just do what I do and don't ask any questions." hehe. That was one of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed. It was like a tv engagement story :)Again, we are SOOO HAPPY ya'll got the package. I wanted ya'll to know we were thinking about ya'll, and praying for ya'll. Thanks for the sweet email and the surprise on the blog, it truly made me smile so big and warmed my heart! Acts of service and gift giving are truly my love language; so it really brings me joy to bring ya'll joy! p.s. I can't believe you still have that bracelet :)


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