Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First and Second Day with VIVI and Grandad!

Our first day we spent the entire morning and afternoon at different grocery stores to get all the food we need for the week... We took the bus and taxi to the city and back... we had a great time and I loved showing my parents around in our new home.

The Second day (today) we went to China Town (and now we are waiting on Pierce to wake up from his nap). We had such a great time in China Town and here are a few pictures of what we saw.

Also I wanted you to note that we leave tomorrow for we will be back on Sunday with a blog to let you know how our trip went.

The oldest Hindu temple in Singapore... we did go inside... take our shoes off and stand at the point for visitors. Very interesting.

After shopping... bought some fake Prada glasses, sun hat and beer mugs... we went to the wet market to get some fresh veggies and fruit.

They also have fish and other meat there... when we saw this... My mom asked how do you become a black chicken... made me laugh so hard I had to share....I am still a little confused on how how one becomes a chicken (which was first the chicken or the egg)... but a black one I have no idea.

Frogs for sale... kind of like picking out your own crab... choose and take home.

All kinds of fish.

And if you remember me telling you that I ate Jelly Fish... this is what it looks like before it is cooked. The man selling the fish was very impressed that I knew it was Jelly Fish.. he said that it is not for Americans... HE HE HE But told me it was good to lower my cholesterol.

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I had no idea that peanuts grew like this... not really sure what I thought... never really thought about it... but I hope that you find this interesting.... those are peanuts...


Kris said...

Black chicken? I thought those were bats. It looks gross either way.

Man, y'all need to get back so you can eat some real food, like "Lupe Tortilla". :)

Lisa said...

Well, call me dumb - I didn't know peanuts grew like that either. Looks like you guys are having a great time...nothing like have grandparents around for a while to help out. Can't wait to see pics from your Thailand adventure!

Perks said...

How different a market is over there...choose your own frog, black chickens, the peanuts (I, too, didn't have a clue)...all very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

I am so glad your parents are there. I know it's a great boost for you guys!

Justin, Suzanne and Shelby said...

Hmm...very interesting! I'm not sure if I'd be able to eat even half of the stuff there! FROGS!!! Yuck! And black chicken?! Is it just super extreme rotisserie chicken or what?! :) Oh, and the peanuts. You are definitely not alone. I had no idea that they grew like that either. It's actually a really pretty plant!

You are doing such an awesome job of taking in the culture!!

EDENS said...

Peanuts grow HOW!!!!weird. How fun to have family there. Wish we could go to the fun markets with you. I miss our shopping. Grant says Hi to Pierce. Have fun with the fam.

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

I think I knew peanuts grew that way...I knew it was in the ground, anyway. I guess I'm just smart! :-) Not so smart that I can explain the black chicken. Are you sure those weren't bats??? I'm SOO happy for you that you have this time with your parents. Pierce looks like he is loving life! And the gifts! Wow. Too much fun!

da momma said...

ditto on all the other comments! interesting stuff girl! :)


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