Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our 3rd Anniversary!

We had such a special night.. .our Anniversary was the 6th which fell on a Wed. so we decided to celebrate on a Friday in the city. We got a babysitter all night and stayed in the city at the Swissotel (The Stamford). Here is the note that was attached to beautiful bouquet of flowers. It still sits on the top of our microwave with the other things that mean alot to me... The Calendar Shelly made for me, the scripture cards that Julie brought and Blake's note.

So pretty and they still smell so good... Blake knows that star lilies are my favorite flowers... he did so good.

We had dinner at the Equinox (on the 79th floor of our hotel)... check out that view... it was amazing.

Here are some more pics of the view... This is a picture of Clark Que which I blog alot about... one of our favorite places to go.

When I looked in the sky from our table... I had to take a picture... It is very apparent that our God is alive... look at what He creates daily for all of us to see.

Here is our beautiful city of concrete... the sunset makes it look that much better.
It is getting darker... I just love the city... it is really amazing to me to think of how many people are in such a small area of space.

Here is Singapore's "mascot" per say... the Merlion.

The nightlife of Singapore.

The following day was National Day... so we got to witness all of the practicing that was taken place on Friday... here they are creating the Singapore Flag on the ground (look at how big it was).. and then there are people on the stage dancing and singing.

Here is my Handsome Prince... I love you Babe.

This picture was taken from our hotel balcony... Happy 3rd Anniversary.


Jacquie said...

Congrats you guys! 3 years - wow it doesn't seem that long since your wedding! I love the pictures of Singapore, what a cool city!

Lisa said...

Happy anniversary! Here's to another wonderful year!!

Thornton family said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad that you got to do something fun (and romantic) for your special day! You both look great!

Lindsay Countryman said...
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Lindsay Countryman said...

The city is so beautiful. Sounds like you're really enjoying your time there. Don't get too comfortable though. We want you back...soon. Happy Anniversary. :)

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

AWWWWW! What a beautiful city and a beautiful couple. I'm glad your day was so special. You'll certainly never forget it and hopefully it will be THE ONLY ANNIVERSARY YOU SPEND OUTSIDE THE US!!! (Hint, Hint) The flowers were GORGEOUS. I LOVE the tall, skinny vase! Good job, Blake-E-Pooh. :-)

da momma said...

happy anni!!! yall are sucha beautiful couple! What a fun place to spend yoru 3rd anniversary! Try to beat that one in the future :)

Jordan said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope y'all had a great time. (it surely looks like it) Time goes by so quickly! I remember that summer we were in the couples' small group and y'all found out your were pregnant and hadn't even been married a year! Now here you are! I love seeing your new pictures and staying updated. Take care and miss you!


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