Friday, August 8, 2008

One People, One Nation, One Singapore!

National Day was Saturday but on Friday Pierce's school YWCA had a celebration where they invited the parents. They had entertainment and had the parents bring food. All the kids were asked to wear red and white (the country colors) and of course we had to go to the celebration... I brought along my camera for all of you to see the party.
Ok... we arrived and Pierce carried the food the entire way... he was so proud of himself and all of his teachers were impressed that the food made it in one piece... Good Job PD Bird... I thought this was such a great picture of our arrival I had to share. We brought banana nut bread, brownies and chocolate chip cookies (the American style).

Here Pierce is sitting with his class having some juice... aren't they just adorable?

Having some milk ma... do you have to take my picture?

After milk/juice the kids were to have song time... but Pierce was more interested in showing off for mom...go figure.

We then went on a parade... where all the kids waved their Singapore flag with pride (they had made these flags earlier in the week)... We first started walking around the apartments.

Pierce did not know what to think...

Then we headed towards one of the Chinese temples near by.

Now he is getting the hang of it... Him and his friend Martin with their teacher.

Then they walked around the Hawker center (fast food in Asia)... all the locals where pointing and smiling at Pierce bc he was the only white kid (American).

This was the only picture I could get Pierce next to the Singapore flag. If you look closely his shirt has the Singaporean Merlion (their mascot of sorts).

Here Pierce is with his class... Tristan in the front here is so sweet.

The entertainment was the kids singing various Singaporean songs... they had practiced all week and really did a good job. There are alot of videos so if you can only watch one of them watch the last one... but they are all very cute. These kids have really tugged on some of my heart strings and I love them all... they just make me smile everytime I see these videos. This video is not very good due to all the adults walking around but it is the Singapore pledge so I had to share.

Here Pierce is sideways watching the show and then wanting his mommy.

The next military boys of Singapore... and Pierce deciding to join in the fun.

One Nation, One People, One Singapore... their anthem song here... and Pierce acting like a little 19 month old...throwing a fit and seeing his mamma... and then wanting his mamma... watch him in the bottom left hand corner.

Ok you have seen the older kids and now it was time for the "babies"... they are suppose to be sitting still and singing but you can see for your self what Pierce has chosen to do instead...he is everywhere. But I think it so cute to see him with all of his buddies playing.

If you watch any video watch this one... hilarious... Pierce just cracked me up.


Kendell and Blake said...
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Kendell and Blake said...

Pierce is so cute! I love the last video. My parents have a video of Canyon, my little brother, at a school concert..everyone is singing except Canyon...he stood there and yawned the whole time. It was so funny. He was about Pierce's age.

Jones Family said...

LOVED these videos! I haven't had time to visit the blog in so long that I was shocked at how grown up Pierce looked!
You tell him "You go, white boy!" Show them how to dance.
PD Bird and the Shelbster would be the cutest to watch togeter right now! WE MISS YOU! I'm so proud of you, Millie for getting out and getting involved. LOVE YOU!

J Katy Garner said...

his little school looks so awesome! what fun memories for little Pierce to have and pictures to show him one day : )
Love the updates keep them coming!

Landry Land said...

I love it! Dance dance dance, detour and hit the wall with a toy, dance, detour to the computer. So cute.Fun age!


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