Friday, August 8, 2008

Singapore's National Day Rehersal!

National Day here is similar to our 4th of July but they practice every Saturday starting 6 weeks in advance. Last Saturday we decided to go to Clark Que and catch the air show... we had Mexican food while we watched... Pierce was a little scared at first bc he did not know where the loud sound was coming from but he soon looked in the sky and saw the whole thing.

Here we are waiting... he was being shy with the camera but a good picture of the river and all the restaurants.

He was so excited when he saw them... he held his arm over his mouth some of the time... not sure why.

The jets would shoot straight up in the air and then straight was the coolest air show I had ever seen and they did a really good job.

Here is just a quick video of the show... every time they came by I was to busy watching... I forgot to push play.

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Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

How fun! I bet Avery would've cried. She is afraid of noises like that. I guess it is scary for little people. Pierce is soo cute.


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