Thursday, August 7, 2008

Daddy IceSkating!

Well I think it is official... Blake is going to start playing ice hockey in Singapore. He got a pair of skates for our anniversary and here he is after a couple of hours of skating (and us watching) practicing with his new shoes... Pierce would not look at the camera (you will find out later) and Blake is loving his skates and can not wait to get back in shape and play with the guys.

Here is my stud in action... he is very good on the ice... and very fast.

Pierce was so scared at first when he was watching his daddy... he did not know what to think of it... He had his finger in his mouth the whole time and when I yelled Blake's name once to get his attention...I almost dropped Pierce he jumped so high... I am not sure why he was so scared but it was kind of cute... he kind of eased up a bit when he saw a kid playing an arcade game... go figure.

I think Blake was trying to check us... that is hockey term for plowing into us... HE HE HE
I am so happy that Blake is going to join a team... he loves Hockey and I love it when he is happy... it works for both of us... I will have more pictures when he officially gets to play.


Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

He looks like a pro! Remember that time that you suggested that we go skating at the Parks? I think it was at the beginning of your relationship and we were just meeting him. Or maybe you were just married. Anyway, Matt got intimidated when he found out Blake played hockey. I remember him saying, "I bet Camille did want to go ice-skating with her hockey-pro boyfriend." Hee Hee! It's hard for men to do things when they know they aren't the best I guess...

Jones Family said...

That's so cool! I can't wait to tell Stacy! I didn't know B played hockey. COOL!
Wanna laugh?...Stacy tried out for the American Bobsled team when they came to A&M. LOL!


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