Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sentosa - Fish Reflexology!

We decided to spend all day Sunday at Sentosa Island... the island is known for their beaches, resorts, sand volleyball, a miniature amusement area, food, underwater world and fish reflexology.

First we went to the beach and let the boys get in the water and Pierce play in the sand.... but this did not last long bc it was so hot and we were all dying for aircon (what they call air conditioning here).

After the beach we got some food and sent Pierce home with Cena to take a nap... which left the rest of the day for us ADULTS (HE HE HE) to go and play.

Our first stop was the Fish Reflexology place... where you get a pedicure from a type of fish that is from India that feeds on dead skin... yes that is right they suck on your feet and legs to get off your dead skin. Above is Blake washing his feet... this was a requirement before you stuck your feet into the pool.

When we first got the room they asked us if we wanted the more gentle fish or the AGGRESSIVE fish... of course we picked the more aggressive ones... you have to watch the video below... it is hilarious and will definitely make you wet your pants with laughter.

Here are my parents when they first stuck their feet in the water... my mom could hardly bear it at first but she got much better about 10 minutes later... watch the video for her reaction.
Some shots of the fish eating.

They say the person with the most dead skin has the most fish... they flock to the food source... My moms are the feet in the top left hand corner, Dale in the top right hand corner and Blake in the bottom right hand corner and you can not see my feet but I am in the bottom left hand corner... can you tell who had the most dead skin?

Here is another hilarious picture of my mom... what a sport.

Are you ready to crack up... here is a video of Vivi and Grandad getting their fish reflexology. I also think it is funny what I say in the video... never thought I talked like that but I guess so when I am being tickled to death.

We went on the Luge ride... Blake could have done this all day but we had to limit him to one ride bc we had so much to do with so little time.

We walked the bridge to the most SE part of Asia.
Here is the view... Sentosa Island is just a tram or taxi ride over from Singapore... takes about 20 minutes from where we live... Have I mentioned that we love it here.... wouldn't you?

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EDENS said...

looks like a vacation all the time. The fish pedi I don't know about though. Looks fun but how good do they paint???? Got your post card and showed it to Grant we miss hangin with you guys.


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