Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little India and Arab Street!

One day we went to Little India and Arab Street for some shopping... Little India did not impress us but we got some good stuff on Arab Street. I love all the decorations in these little towns and the smells well I will just let you imagine.

Shopping for silk wraps.

A Mosque on Arab Street. I had to use the restroom and all the locals told me to use it there... so when I got to the restroom I had to take off my shoes and they gave me the clogs to use... sacred ground.

Just another view of Little India.

While we were on Arab street we found this little trinket shop... I picked up this box and it scared me so bad when I opened it I screamed... well of course I had to use it on my mom to see her reaction and Dale wanted to record it... I am on the left persuading her to open it (and please keep in mind she heard me scream so I thought she knew what was coming). She opened it a little the first time and this lizard thing just peaks his head out and she shuts it and then she tried again and you can't see it bc a lady walks in front of the camera right when she opens it all the way... but you can see her reaction.

The box is a home to this wooden snake/lizard thing and dependent on how far you open the lid is how far the thing comes out right for your finger that you are using to open the lid... like it is going to strike/bite you... so funny.

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