Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going to school with Grandparents in tow!

The first time we all took Pierce to school we all got a little sad... we had a good trip there but once we arrived Pierce started crying and then Vivi and then Grandad... my parents had just gotten here and we were headed the store and I did not want to lug Pierce around in the store so we took him to school... we learned after our first trip that Vivi and Grandad had to wait behind so Pierce would not get so sad... or maybe so Vivi and Grandad did not get so sad.

This was not the first trip we took to school but I thought I would share with you what our morning looks like when we take Pierce to school... he gets up around 8:30am has milk and breakfast and then he gets dressed, mom packs his bag for school and then we get on the bus around 9:05 to head out... quick morning so far.

Then we get off the bus and start walking to school... Mom gets to carry all the stuff while Pierce and Vivi stroll along.

Then we get to cross the street and Vivi was trying to teach him about the little green man and the little red man... and when to cross and when not to cross.

Then Vivi and Grandad stay behind while mom takes Pierce inside... Bye Bye he says.

Once inside Vivi sneaks to the door to take one last picture of her grandson walking to class with his teacher.

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