Sunday, September 28, 2008

Phrase of the Night!

On Friday night we went to a comedy club with our friends Rita and Geoffrey. It was alot of fun but the purpose of this email to tell you that most people I have met here have no idea what A&M University is or where it is... so I had a chance to show my Aggie pride. Here at the comedy show they have a Phrase of the Night that you can put on the board (on the main stage) and all you have to do is give them some money... most of you know I am cheap... but I spent $6 dollars to show my love for A&M.

I did give them $6 but they did not erase the $4 that I beat out... here is how it started:

$2 - I wrote - "Gig'em Aggies"
$4 - She wrote - "I can not believe there is another Texan in the room, Hook'em Horns"
$6 - I wrote - "Gig'em Aggies"

That is all she wrote... I left at midnight and it still said "Gig'em Aggies".


Justin, Suzanne and Shelby said...

That is too cool!! How fun! I too love my Aggie pride...Gig 'em Aggies!!

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

How is it that your parents are gone, you are supposedly back to the "boring" routine, but you are STILL blogging so much that I can't keep up!!!! Love the phrase of the night. Can't believe there was a longhorn in the crowd! And Pierce's outfit is precious. If you think his thighs are eatable, you should check out Avery's! And I'll be passing the hot air balloon thing to Matt...Funny.

The Westcott Family said...

that's awesome! texans rock!


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