Monday, September 8, 2008

We moved to the Marriott!

Last Days in Thailand... when we got stranded due to the protest we decided to change hotels, get closer to the hotel and have a last couple days doing nothing but relaxation. When Julie was here we stayed at this Marriott and loved it and Blake was practically begging to go back.

This picture was taken at the Marriott beach... private beach for the resort... we took Pierce's diaper off (had to beg Blake) so I could get some "bum" pictures... Pierce sat down in the sand right after I lubed him up with sunscreen... so that is sand on his bottom. I love that picture.. you can see that he is holding his daddy's hand.

The waves were big and they were having so much fun.

Here they are coming up from the water...I am not sure why but this picture looks like one of those that the poparotsy would take of a celebrity dad and his son... maybe I am dreaming.

We had to take a picture with one of the elephants that was just hanging out on the beach.

Here he is showing off with his owner.

So all in all we had alot of fun... and we played alot our last days in Phuket.

We played in the waves.... not sure who was holding who.

We played in the kiddie pool.

We played in the adult pool with the swim up bar.

We played in the huts... and Dale got a massage.

We played at night.... at the Blue Bar.

And the elephants played too.
Here are the elephants at the Marriott playing in the ocean... what a cool sight to see.


Cassidy said...

What fun! The sand on the bottem pictures is too cute!

Justin, Suzanne and Shelby said...

How cool! Justin and I loved the video of the elephants in the ocean! Too cool!

Pierce is such a cutie pie...and so tan! You can really tell with his white bootie! :)

Jordan said...

Cute "bum" shot! :) Are elephants usually on the beaches??? How weird! Just wanted to say hi and that we miss y'all! Thanks for your comments!


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