Friday, September 19, 2008

Just playing around!

Our condo is small but there is so much that we can do... just to play around... especially when we have company.

Here Pierce is playing in the boxes that I bought our water in... this lasted a couple of hours.

We can tickle him (non-stop)... he loves it.

We can play soccer in our hallway.

More soccer (or football here)

We can play dress up in Vivi's shoes.

We can surf on our belly (not sure were he got this from).

We can play with lanterns we got from the Chinese Garden.

More Lantern fun.

And we can dance.

Well lets just say there is alot of dancing going on in our house (if you know me you know).

1 comment:

Jordan said...

Boxes are the best toys! I seriously have told Brody that for Carter's 1st b-day we should just get him some boxes! Hope all is well!


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