Monday, September 15, 2008

Bumps and Bruises... Pierce is 100% BOY!

September has been the month where Pierce has proven to us that he is all BOY and getting to the age where I think we are going to have to embrace that he is going to get hurt. We were at the pool one day and his girlfriend Frances came to swim with him and he was showing off and nailed his chin on the corner of the pool when he was hoping like a frog... now we have this nice cut on his chin to prove that he is girl crazy too. He mouth was bleeding and after I got it stop to bleeding I noticed he just scratched his gum next to a tooth... so far no loose teeth.

Boys will be boys... is what I kept telling my self... then a couple of days later he went to school and I went to pick him afterwards and this is what I found.

A bruised up little boy... looks like I beat him... so embarrassed to take him into to public????

He was at school and he was trying to climb inside a box and fell... the box and the floor gave him a good smack right above the eye brow and a good bruise on his cheek.

The yellow stuff is just some antiseptic cream.

But he is still a happy little boy.


Christina said...

Wow.. what kind of fight did that kid get in to? Wonder what the other kid looked like... ha ha. No little bruise or scrap can change how stinkin' adorable he is. What a great smile!!

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

Poor baby! I have to say that I think lil Ave is going to be just like him. She seems to be somewhat injury prone. I'm hoping that changes. The bird pics are hysterical. Have you gotten pooped on yet?

Clay said...
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Lisa said...

(I posted a comment and it posted from Clay so I'm trying again) That just breaks my heart! But you have a very good attitude about it...boys will be boys! And it sounds like he's tough so that's a good thing. And I'm loving all of the pictures of the sights with your parents.

Perks said...

Oh my! Poor little guy! Kids are amazingly tough though, that's for sure!


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