Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Autumn Festival at School!

OK... I have told you about the Autumn Festival here in Singapore and you have seen a lot of pictures... but you have not seen how Pierce celebrated Autumn Festival at school yet... so here it is. I did not stay with him but I did give my camera to one of the teachers and she took all of these pictures. Thank you!

Here one of the teachers is teaching the students about the full moon (the reason they are celebrating) there are about 60 kids sitting down listening and the only white kid is standing the front of the class... who is this kid... oh yeah he is mine... the things he gets away with there I will never understand... he is so spoiled.

They ate moon cake... I do not like it but it seems that Pierce does not mind it.

Here he is holding the moon cake package and the kids are looking at him.

Not sure what these are but Anooshka is putting them on his head... I thought that was cute.

See all the kids sitting and my kid is walking around.

Here is his class sitting in their class room ... not sure what they are talking about but the teacher is holding up one of the lanterns they made.

Being funny lying down... ET phone home.

Now on his belly.

Now running around.

Playing with his lantern... there are two different kinds but sorry I don't know why the difference.

They went for a walk around their school to show off their lanterns.

Looks like another great day at school.


Dantem said...

I must say-you have a very nice blog.
Tell me what you think about mine.

goooooood girl said...
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Mits said...

Good pictures. He is looking very happy and he is playing with his friends.


The Robinsons said...

Does Pierce's school have a non-mandatory uniform? I noticed some kids seem to wear them and others don't...just curious....

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I asked if he needed a uniform and they said no... but I have noticed the same thing... Pierce seems to be the only one... I guess bc he is white... should I get mad are they being racial... Just Kidding I have no idea... but he is part-time so I think that has something do with it.

EDENS said...

looks like he has fun at school. Wish the boys were in the same school. Miss

Anonymous said...

ok, so which one is pete bird? he blends in so much me and shane can't tell which one he is!! love and miss you all!


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