Monday, September 15, 2008

Holland Village!

I would call Holland Village my stomping grounds... not that close but the closest place to me that has a Starbucks, grocery store, nail salon and shopping... I love it there.

I took my parents there for day while Pierce was in school.

Do you remember my wall tapestry made out of Indian Wedding dresses? Well my mom wanted one so we went to the shop and she bought 5 of them... she loved that and Dale and her could not make up there mind so they bought them all. The above picture is not theirs but wanted to show you what it looks like again.
I have been wanting to take my parents to a Hawker center (local food) and this A rated air conditioner is the best I could do... They serve Laska here and you get to pick 8 items (fresh meat and vegetables) and they cook and put it in a soup form for you to eat... all for $4.90 sing dollars.

Here is the finished version... we all enjoyed our Laska and had a good time... don't forget to bring napkins if you go bc you have to pay for them there.

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