Monday, September 15, 2008

Bird Park with Vivi and Grandad!

Another trip tot he Bird park... this has to be Pierce favorite place in Singapore.
This was the first time that we got to feed the ducks... so much fun.

Vivi takes a stab at feeding the Lory birds...Pierce had such a great time (again)!

There were so many birds this time (more than usual) I think it was bc it was not that crowded and when the birds finally had a chance to get some food they fought over a good spot on the cup (leaving claw marks)... here in this picture the "fuzzy" bird in the top right hand corner had just landed on Pierce's head and flown away when he ducked (see him in the picture). So cute.

Our little happy boy!

Here he is talking to the bird... he would get so close like he was going to kiss the bird and then squeal and back away... was so cute.

We also went to the buddy show and there was a talking bird named Amigo... if you have children at home grab them to watch this it is so neat to hear how well this bird talks.


Perks said...

Pierce is such a brave little guy. My kids would of been freaking out if they were surrounded by birds like that. So cute!

Cassidy said...

I love the birds swarming you and him!


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