Thursday, September 4, 2008

Elephants and Monkeys!

On our third day in Phuket we decided to go ride an elephant and see the monkey show. We first got to feed this sweet little baby elephant and she also played the harmonica (see video).

Pierce was not so sure about the elephant but he eventually warmed up and feed her a banana... make sure you watch the video.

Second we went to the monkey show... this monkey was going to the market with his coconuts.

Shaking hands.

This was Pierce's expression through out the show.. not so sure about the monkeys either.

Blake was picked to be untied by a monkey (see the video as well). Here they are saying hello in Thai.

Also rode a bike.

At the end we got to pose with the monkey.

And then we headed off for the elephant ride.

Pierce made sure he always knew where his ViVi and Grandad were at all times.

HELLO... we were in the lead.

It was so hot we had to bring out the umbrella for shade.

Here Pierce and I are feeding the baby elephant bananas.

Blake getting untied by the monkey... his face is priceless.

Here is the baby elephant playing the harmonica.

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