Monday, September 29, 2008

Formula 1 in Singapore!

Blake got Formula 1 tickets ... This is a three day event, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and he has been thrilled about it. Him and two other buddies from work were going and then they got together and wanted to share there tickets with the wives... so I was able to go on Saturday.

These are the tickets that they gave out... cards around your neck like we were VIP or something... but no every one's tickets were like this... pretty snazzy.

As we arrived they had some of the streets shut down due to all the people traffic and there were some characters lying in the street.

He smiled just for me.

As we were walking to our Gate... I saw this sign next to a local church that I thought was pretty cool and was touched to think about all the people that were walking by this same sign and praying that is struck a cord.

Finally arrive to our gate and this is what we found... a long que.

People selling ear plugs... and yes you need them.

We finally made it over the overpass and we entered the land of the Formula 1 fans.

I thought this was a pretty cool pic of the map for the race and the skyscrapers in the back.

We had grandstand seat but they also sold walk around passes where people could sit on the lawn and watch it on screen... this was probably a better seat bc you could see the whole thing.

Here we are waiting for the race to start... in our grand stand. I went on the Saturday which was just the qualifying races... Sunday was the final race.

We got our earplugs and we were ready to go.

This is Robert... a coworker of Blake's.

Just another cool shot of all the people waiting and with the skyscrapers in the back... I could not believe they were having this race in the middle of the city... the logistics of this race just amazed me.

OK... before the race I watched a show where a famous F1 photographer was being interviewed and he was giving tips for taking pictures... I wanted to take some good pictures so I listened... he advised to have a slow shutter speed and move the camera quickly with the cars and try to capture the shot at the exact moment when your camera is traveling at an equal speed with the car (ok... remember these cars are traveling at 200+ mph speeds... is he crazy... no just good)... well this was one of my first shots... not so bueno.

Having a hard time getting the entire car captured while I am moving my camera back and forth.

Getting better...

Oh... getting better.

Clearer but still having a time getting the entire car.

I did it... sign me up I might be a F1 photographer.

When it was time to leave we were all suppose to get in this horrendous line and exist through that small staircase at the top of the picture... a nightmare and talk about a fire hazard.

Here was the line behind us... guess it could have been worse.

Singapore just amazes me... so many people... so many cultures... so many things to do... it is never a dull moment here.

This is what a fire truck looks like here in Singapore... pretty neat.

Now for the videos... make sure you stop my blog music first.

Ok... trying to video cars that are traveling at 200+ MPH is crazy... so I thought you could at least get to hear the sound... make sure you turn down your volume on your computer... it was crazy loud.

In between races there was entertainment through out... I was able to capture some of it on video... I thought you would enjoy!
This is what they call rapping in Asia... I think we could teach them a thing of two.
P.S. I think there are cuss words in here but I really can't tell... it is that bad... sorry if there is.

Now this kid can B box, this is 100% vocals... and check out those break dancers.


The Westcott Family said...

Great job capturing the race cars...I'm impressed! I love the "rapping" video too.

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

Ok, you're getting me really excited about moving to Singapore! What do you think about living on the West Coast? Justin will be working on Jurong Island, but we hadn't even considered the West Coast...we were thinking of living more around the Novena MRT. Your thoughts? We're hoping that we'll be able to go over before we move, but it's not guaranteed. The company will put us up in a hotel for 30 days while we find a place to live.

Jacquie said...

Wow nice job getting pics of the cars! I'm so jealous of how much fun you guys are having in Singapore, I sad Kris visited without me!

Val and Stan said...

Camille...awesome job with the photography! Looks like you had a great time.


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