Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love IBC!

I haven't said it in awhile and I don't say it enough... so here I go... Thank you God for giving my family IBC here in Singapore. IBC stands for International Baptist Church.

I have had so much fun getting to know some of the ladies at the church and they are such a blessing to me. You got to see all the picture of VBS and now I am involved in a group called MOPS... mothers of preschoolers. We just had our second meeting (actual third but I did not get to go to the first one) and I am the DGL (discussion group leader) at our table (imagine that me having to talk... I finally found a good use for all my babbling... other than blogging... HE HE HE). Today we talked about all the different roles there are being a mom as it would pertain to a circus. (The Family Circus was written by Nicole Johnson) She summarizes as so:

Our lives as moms and wives are equated to that of a job as the Ring-master in a circus, but we also have all the starring roles in the circus as well. While we might not feel like a glamorous performer, most of us can relate to the idea that our lives feel like a circus - a show that perhaps never ends or seems to be out of control at times.

Some of the roles that we have:
Harried Mom - Dealing with Chaos
Brahm's Boppie Ballet Dancer - Sleep Deprivation
Helen the human target - others demands/expectations
Mom of the Midway - Fat Lady+bearded lady+tattoo lady (from all the spit up and mashed peas/carrots)
The Repetitionist - Seemingly meaningless monotony
Runner of the stroller derby
The food magician
The ring master

I found this very funny and very true to my current role... there are days that I feel like I am the food magician, there are days that I feel like the Harried Mom and most days I deal with the repetition of my day... but all in all God is my Ring Master... YEAH!

Praise God for motherhood and praise God for churches like IBC that allow moms to get into a room and share there struggles, share their joy, share their experiences and share their love of Christ.

There were about 7 women at my table... and three of us were crying at different points... I know that God is smiling when His moms (that would be us) of His children are leaning on each other on how to be more Christ like and how to love our children in His image. Praise Him!

Thank you Jesus for IBC.

There are so many gracious giving women at this church... last Sunday when we arrived one of the ladies, Janet, that works there said she had a special gift for Pierce to come see her afterwards... and she gave him this turtle from VBS... it made my day and Pierce has yet to put it down... I think he is happy to... don't you.

He loves it... Thank you Janet.


da momma said...

Its so neat to see who God places in our lives even when he places us in unfamiliar places. I've had "Your Name" stuck in my head for days bc of your blog :) i love that song!

SheridanLeftwich said...

I love that you have found such a wonderful church home so far from "home". I know that if I were in your shoes I would be so scared and unsure. A wonderful church family changes that in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.

Dave and Lisa said...

What a blessing that you have such a great church there! That is awesome. I have heard excellent things about MOPS for the past few years because our church in Delta Junction had a really active group and all my friends were in it. Too bad they don't have a group here. Might just have to start one someday. :-)

Blessings to you guys!


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