Monday, September 22, 2008

Care package from the Fischers!

Wow... another amazing care package at the perfect time... We miss you John, Mandy and Madison Fischer... Thanks for all that you do... checking in on us, emailing, sending pictures and sending goodies... Thank You!

Here is a card that Madison wrote to Pierce... and their cute little family picture... Mandy said that I could throw darts at the picture... but I think not... it is going on the frig.

Pierce playing with this new toys and sporting his new outfit... Thanks for the home reminder of the Texan football team.... Go Texans (and Astro's)!

He things the submarine is an airplane... I think bc of the wings, pilot and the propellar (on the back)... but he walks around saying Airplane... Airplane... Airplane.

I just love this smile... I love him!

I asked him to pose and I put his hand up on his head and this is what I got... Strike a Pose... there is nothing to it... VOGUE. Should I be scared.

Here Pierce is looking at the picture they sent... I was telling who everyone was... and he walked around with the picture for awhile.

One of the toys was a "Billion Bubble Blower"... and let me tell you it is not false advertising... that thing can produce some bubbles... he loved it.

Trying to pop some and them trying to put his sea shells in the bubbles.

Some got in his eyes... but he moved on quickly. I guess the sting does not last long.

Pierce had the most fun playing with the bubble wrap... so cute and hours of entertainment for the whole family!

Here he is playing with the bubbles.


The Robinsons said...

The photo of Pierce smiling in the chair is SO adorable!! You should frame it for sure!

The Westcott Family said...

Strike a pose! Pierce, where did you learn how to model like that? What a cutie!


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