Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day at Vivo City!

One day we went to the largest mall in Singapore... called Vivo City. This is my favorite place bc they have a Starbucks (actually two of them), lots of shopping, good food and lots of places for Pierce to play.

We started off playing since we got there before the shops opened.

Here's Grandad and Pierce playing in the water on the top floor... there are lots of water play areas.

Another shot... a local school was playing on a field trip.
Then we went to the park on the 2nd floor...
There is a video of this below... but you can tell by Pierce's face... this is his favorite.

Pierce playing on the Asian style see saw with Grandad... watch how excited he is.
Well soon Pierce was getting tired so Grandad said that he could get him asleep in his stroller while us ladies shopped... I bet Grandad and you can see below who won the bet.
So while Grandad was trying to get Pierce asleep us ladies went shopping... there is a shoe shop in this mall called VIVI so we had to get a picture.
This is where Grandad and Pierce were strolling in hopes to fall asleep.
This is a view of Sentosa Island. Still strolling.
Can't get this picture to turn around (not sure why) but you can see that I lost the bet and Pierce was a sleep... Grandad sat and got a beer while us ladies were shopping.


Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Okay, we have to go WAY back, because you know how long it has been. First of all the naked PD Bird pics are soo stinking cute. And the elephants!!! How FUN! That teeter-totter thing looks too cool and I love Pierce's laugh. What a cutie. I cracked up at your mom opening the box with the lizard and I cracked up even harder at the fish pedicure. How funny that you did that. It has been on the news here (just a few weeks ago) about some salon up north that offers those. Did it stink or was your mom just trying not to scream with the towel in front of her face. That is hysterical! Y'all would go for the more aggressive fish...I bet that was your idea! I so want to come...

Christina said...

Camille... you guys have the most fun! My days are NEVER this cool. That see saw and playground were absolutely fabulous. The video made me laugh. Totally jealous for all the fun things that yall are doing.


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