Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Orchid Garden

Flowers are one my most favorite things in the world... and orchids amaze me. My parents, Pierce and I went to the National Orchid Garden on day while Blake was at work (another adventure he was happy to skip...he he he... could you see Blake enjoying the flowers?... my dad is a special man he enjoyed them).

There are alot of flowers but trust me when I say there are like 50 more that I spared you from... enjoy!

Pierce loved the flowers and he loved to smell them all.
This is a type of Venus Fly trap (sp?) plant... when a bug lands in the hollow tube (there is a puddle of water in the tube) then the lid closes and digest the bug... interesting... I knew there was something cool to see when I saw Dale reading the sign for along time and then trying to tickle the plant...

I like to call this one the AGGIE orchid.

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