Friday, October 17, 2008

Zoo and Night Safari with the Carrs!

We had to take the kids to the zoo... we have one of the best zoo's I have ever seen... second to Steve Erwin's zoo in Australia. The Singapore zoo has an open concept and there are monkeys, reptiles, etc. running loose all around. Here Brooklyn is posing in front of the zebra's.

We got to see lots of monkeys/gorilla's... this one was sticking the twig in a hole right next to his left foot and pulling it out and drinking the water. So clever.

This will show you how close you can get to monkeys that are just hanging out. Pretty cool.
We got to see Kangaroo's and get really close... we even got to pet this one.

We got to see several shows... this was the elephant at work show.

We also went to a SPLASH show... seals that were doing lots of tricks.

We got to see some mating... get a room.

Here are the kids playing on some fake seals right before the seal show. Pierce was alittle upset and did not want to be up there... but Brooklyn was feeding them.

This is one of Pierce's favorite animals right now... he loves the Hippo.


As soon as the kids went to sleep we had some one come over and watch them while we went to the Night Safari at the Zoo. You have seen this before but since it is October here they decided to make the Night Safari scary... there was alot of blood and fake naked people... a little overdone with the gruesome stuff but the animals were still cool.


EDENS said...

WOW what a neat zoo. looks like tons of fun.

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

Looks like fun! The Night Safari is a cool place. The fake bodies are weird, though, huh?


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