Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eating in Bintan!

We got to eat alot on the beach and this is just one of the pictures I got... while Brooklyn was here she taught Pierce how to make a big smile while saying cheese at the camera but he has yet to learn to look right at the camera while he is doing it... we are getting there... I usually have to snap about 50 shots just to get one good one where he will look at the camera... It takes luck or about 10 people jumping up and down behind me to get his attention. :-)

Brooklyn has it down to a perfection... she is so cute.

Pierce had his first milk shake and he drank the entire thing (adult size) in one sitting.

The last night we got a babysitter to watch the kids (they were sleeping) while we went to a Japanese restaurant that had the Hibachi Grill... it was awesome and I think had the best steak that Blake has had since we moved to Singapore. Please note the large bibs that they put on us... we did not know what to expect but we all left the restaurant with out one drop on our bib.

Here is a picture of a little octopus they served me... I ate the seaweed next to it but I gave my octopus to Mark... I think he had like three of these boogers.

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Jacquie said...

I don't know about eating that little octopus, he seems a little suspect...


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