Monday, October 27, 2008

Random Pictures from Singapore!

Here are a couple of random pictures from Singapore that I thought you would enjoy.

Here is a picture of a Hawker Stall (fast food here) and if you look in the window under the word "sliced fish soup" you will see the letter "B"... Health Food Dept. rates all restaurants in Singapore on a scale from A to C... A being the best, B middle ground and C bad on cleanliness... It is very difficult to find a stall with an A but most restaurants have A (or at least the ones you should eat at)... I think this is a great concept.

Mark and Lisa loved this sign when there were here and they loved that fact that McDonald's delivers... they do not have many drive up windows here but they do deliver.

Just a really cool shot of one of the condos downtown.

Here is a picture of our AirCon (air conditioner)... there is one in every room and you turn them off when you leave the house and they are only running if you need them or if you are in that room, so they are independent of each other.

Here is our maids quarters... we do not have a maid but all condos are built with these quarter... the door that is slightly open on the right is the room (as big as my closet back home) and the bathroom that you see is their bathroom.

Most vans or trucks have these numbers on the back of them and while Mark was here he asked what it meant and I thought it was interesting... never knew before he asked. For instance this van can hold up to 5 pax (passengers) and have a max speed of 70 km/h.

Here is a shot from our balcony... it is very difficult to find a condo that is looking out at another condo... we have a tree farm below us that give us a good view of the water and ship yard.

A while back I showed you the stand where they sold fake money for the Chinese to burn to give to their ancestors... if you do not remember click here.... but here is a shot of a lady burning money in that black pot at the top of the picture. She has the money in her hand and is waiting for it to burn.


J Katy Garner said...

Okay so I know you guys will be there through New Years, do you have an estimated time of when you will be back in the ol' US of A?
forgive me if you already have mentioned that....
The dancing spot looks so fun

The Westcott Family said...

Wow, they really burn fake money and think things will go better for them? If I thought burning fake money worked, I'd definitely give real money a chance...wouldn't it work even that much better?


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