Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another busy posting day!

Ok.. there are four post (including this one) today... I am really trying to catch up so that is why there are so many... I took about 800 pictures while the Carr's where here so when you are saying "Is she going to show their entire trip while they were in Singapore?"... the answer is no... but I am really having a hard time cutting some of it out and I am really sparing you all the 800 photos so bare with me... HE HE HE

I know I have said it before but we really do miss the Carr's and I know that Pierce is very sad to see his girlfriend go. While Brooklyn was here she taught Pierce alot of things: How to share, how to say mine, how to communicate more with words, how to play well with others, how to hug, and much more. I have noticed a big difference in his demeanor with other children and his overall communication. I thought I was the only one who noticed but today when I picked Pierce up from school his teacher Mrs. Lee said that Pierce has been so well behaved with the other children, following directions and talking more in last two days than ever. I know it has some to do with age but I think alot of it has to do with having Brooklyn around for 2 weeks. Thanks Brooklyn!

I have a long list of blogs still to do... so stay tuned and enjoy the posts below.


Rachel Kerbel said...

ok, so when i clicked on your blog and heard some man yelling, i was a little concerned. but then i realized it was the band! i was at the game on saturday and had to stay for the band-they are awesome to watch and i am slowly learning the song-believe it or not! the game itself was another story! have a great time with your company:)

Liz*** said...

Looks like ya'll had a great trip! I'm jealous. :)


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