Sunday, October 26, 2008

My first play date without mommy.

I was invited out with some ladies from Norway and Denmark to join them for lunch and I told them that I had Pierce that day (no school) so Annette offered for her helper to watch Pierce for me while we went to lunch. So this was officially Pierce's first day to have a play date without mommy. On our way out I asked him if he wanted to wear his backpack today like a big boy and he grabbed it from me and with my help this is what he looked like. I got him all dressed up in his clothes from Norway (a gift from Annette) and he was ready to go... doesn't he look so grown up?
Here we are in the elevator... still such a big boy with his big backpack and he was so proud. (His hair was doing something crazy and I could not tame it)
Outside he fell down... I think it was getting a little to heavy... he could not get up... so I took it off of him.
We decided he should just carry it like this till we got there.... but still so happy.

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Corrie said...

He is SO CUTE.


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