Monday, October 27, 2008

Grand Ballini's and a night out!

Last Saturday we went out with some friends to an Italian Restaurant near the red light district. Since we were so close I convinced the group to go so I could take a look. The Red Light district in Singapore is legal and very active. It was not what I expected but I thought you might find these picture interesting.
The picture above is a picture of the street.

All of the doors had a mesh screen over them so it was hard to see inside but the picture of the door above eliminated the "stairway to heaven"... NASTY.

Then we headed to the Grand Ballini... one my new favorite places in Singapore. It reminded me of being on a cruise ship at night... this is a hot spot for Singapore and you have to have a membership to get in (that is why we had never been) but we were invited by Geoffrey and Rita (on the right) to join them. There was tons of entertainment (see below), dancers, impersonators, music and more. We had a blast and will be celebrating New Years there.

Here is a picture of the dancers, they danced about 20+ routines all night... it was awesome.

More dancing of all types.
More dancing.... if you know me you know I loved it.
More dancing.
Here is the Michael Jackson impersonator... you have to see the video... To GOOD.

The King was found in Singapore.

Michael Jackson was even spotted... crazy but so good.

The dancers at Ballini... if you know me I was in heaven... I love dancing... I love to watch dancers... I love to be with friends...I love it all.


EDENS said...

looks so fun. i would love all the dancers to. burning the monkeys weird. mcdonalds delivery cool. fast food with ratings scary. if they did that over here maybe people would not eat so much fast food. miss

J Katy Garner said...

Okay so you guys will be there for new years, when is the ETA for moving back to America?
That looks like a very entertaining dinner!


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