Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall in Singapore!

OK... this is our fall (season)... beautiful but not a normal FALL. The past couple of weeks have been very hard for me bc I miss the Texas Fall (for all of my friends in the North I know... Texas' fall is nothing like yours but bare with me). In Texas we still experience a temperature change, the leaves fall, the colors change, fall decorations are everywhere, carving of the pumpkins, and I can not forget fall clothing (probably my favorite). Here in Singapore it is still very hot, rainy, humid, green and not a pumpkin sight. I have really missed decorating my house and just in time for my depression to sink in.... My mom and dad come to the rescue... they sent a Halloween care package.

I can always count on them.

Inside there were a few things to just livin up our condo... a pumpkin lantern.

And a wind thingy... HE HE HE I thought this would have to do until I was able to find a pumpkin (a small pumpkin) at the grocery store for the low low price of $14... and then I was happy.

We got all set up to paint the pumpkin... it was too small to carve... and everyone was happy.
Daddy teaching Pierce how to paint in the lines... Good luck Daddy.

And here is the end product... so good... We know have three things to decorate with... a lantern, a wind thingy (;-)) and a painted pumpkin. Feeling better already.

Just some more action shots... so intense looking.
He loved mixing colors... and had a blast... when he was done he said Ball and wanted to throw it... luckily we got there in time.


Corrie said...

Fall is my favorite time of year so I understand why you miss it so much. Being homesick is hard -- I'm sorry!

$14 for a little pumpkin? What in the world??!!

EDENS said...

fall in Nebraska is toooo cold. I miss a good Texas fall too. Pierce is such a big boy painting. He is so cute. we miss you guys.

The Westcott Family said...

Oh Camille, today was a wonderful fall day in Houston. It missed you! I opened the windows and cooled the whole house down to 70 degrees this morning when we woke up.

The Robinsons said...

I'm glad you got a little taste of Texas fall.

Rachel Kerbel said...

fall is awesome, but just think of all your awesome experiences you have had that we can only dream of!! put a bowl full of ice in front of your fan, and there you go!! our fall! i sooooo would love to see all the places you have been! so have fun!


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