Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Carr's are here!

Mark, Lisa and Brooklyn Carr arrived at 6am and have been going ever since, well until about 30 minutes ago... they are now taking a nap at 12:30pm. They all had smiles and Brooklyn did a great job. When they first got here we waited around for Pierce to wake up and then we headed to Holland Village to do some quick shopping which included some groceries for all of us. We headed back home, had some lunch and now everyone is sleeping but me.

Isn't she the cutest thing... she is such a joy to be around and I think I am already going to be very sad when they leave... just within the few short hours we have seen Pierce and Brooklyn play together we all noticed that Pierce is going to have to learn how to SHARE... this could be interesting.

Waiting at the bus stop... yes I have already introduced them to the public transportation. So today one could say they have done the PLANES, TRAINS and AUTOMOBILES tour of Singapore.

Make sure you come back I am sure you will see alot more of there trip here in Singapore.

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The Westcott Family said...

Don't let them nap too long!


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