Monday, October 20, 2008

The only way to see the city... by a HIPPO!

The only way to see the city (in my opinion) is by HIPPO... which is a double decker (no roof) tour bus. I have been on the ride twice and each time I have learned something new about the city. With the Carr's we toured Orchard Rd and Little India.

Here is a picture of the Esplanade Theatre... which was built to resemble the famous DURIAN fruit... see next picture.

The King fruit here in Asia... smells bad but I hear it takes good (some people love it and some people hate it)... never tried it my self but I have smelt it and it is BAD... it is so strong it is against the law to carry this fruit on any public transportation that is not your own.

A cool shot of the "Singapore Flyer".... it takes 31 minutes to make a complete rotation and each capsule is big enough to hold 20+ standing adults.

Here is a picture of Mark's favorite building in Singapore... I forgot what is was but it sure if beautiful.
This picture is very interesting and I hope that you can understand my jargon to try and explain it. The cross street that we are looking at is called "Beach Street"... do you see a Beach around? NO. It is called Beach street bc all the land that is passed this street (starting where the blue van is and up) has been re-claimed land. Singapore re purposes land by creating it with packed sand... they build reservoirs and bring in sand and make new land.... So in a nut shell Singapore keeps getting bigger and bigger in size bc they keep adding on... kind of like remodeling a home. So once this street that you are looking at use to be on the beach... now it is a long ways away.
Here is a picture of the famous Raffles Hotel.
This is a great picture to show you how much construction there is in Singapore... I hear it is always this way. Check out that apartment in the back.
Here is a picture of the largest Chinese Temple in Singapore located in China Town.
After our great tour we stopped to have some Sushi (conveyor belt style). This was my first experience with the conveyor belt and it was a great one. Since we were there at lunch it was all you can eat for $14... the trick was if you look closely the plates are different colors... it was all you could eat but only 1 red plate (which of course I wanted all the red plates). But Mark was determined to eat way past his $14 and I think we all did.

We had so much fun seeing the city... and hope that you did too.


Cassidy said...

Amazing pictures. I so enjoy the photo tours!!! You do a great job of describing everything. That is wild about the whole packed sand/expansion thing!

EDENS said...

I feel like I have come to visit. I love seeing what it looks like there. sushi on a belt.. all you can eat. my kindof place. The baby stroller is the nicest baby stroller i have seen. looks like Pierce is ready for a baby?????????????????

SheridanLeftwich said...

I think he's ready for another baby in the house, too.

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

I seriously can't keep up. Okay, I smelled Durian when I was there and it DOES stink. Couldn't bring myself to taste it either. Smells like pee, right? The picture of the fish pedicure is HYSTERICAL! That is a great close up of the fish, too! And Pierce is just working on those nurturing instincts. Guys need them too! I would help though if the stroller wasn't soo pink. :-)

Oh BTW-I had no idea your favorite store was Forever 21. Did you know you are almost 31?? Hee Hee!

J Katy Garner said...

Loved the tour! What a pretty city!

Durian...yucky, I have smelled it but not tasted it either b/c I'm out on all fruit generally. But I do no some who LOVE it.

when's the baby due : )


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