Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pool time with the Carrs!

When I took this picture... Mark said "Take a picture of our family (including Pierce)... they are so cute and Pierce has had so much fun with his new little buddy.

Splashing... so much fun...they also got Popsicles and Pierce could not keep his out of the water.

Pierce adores Mark... and wants to be with him all the time. Here he is giving Mark a big hug.

What is wrong with this picture... Pierce is sinking and Mark is looking the other way... no really Pierce was just jumping like a frog.

Ready set go.

Opps... what happened to Pierce?

Mark held Pierce up side down and gave him a swirly... this was the end product... nice wave dude.

More fun.

Is that the cutest girl you have ever seen... she is so much fun and full of so much happiness...I have been so amazed at how well she has done with the jet lag... she has been a trooper.

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Cassidy said...

It looks like everyone is having so much fun. She is so cute. I love the picture of Pierce with the popsicle in the pool.


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