Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A sad day.... our last day with The Carr's!

The Carr's left on a Tuesday at 2am so all these picture were taken the Monday prior to their departure. We were so sad to see them go, they were such great company and we had a blast. Here they are with there new addition Pierce. We often joked when people would ask if they were twins. I would say the boy is mine, Lisa would say the girl is mine and then Mark would say they are both mine... HE HE HE.
I had bought the kids some Chinese outfits to wear on the last day... so we got them all dressed for pictures.
We had a short trip to Holland V for lunch and we ate at Swenson's and got some balloons for the kids. Do you think they were having fun?
Right before nap time... someone is tired but don't they look cute in their outfits?
Nap is over and we headed to the city, this was taken on our condo bus.
Pierce wanted to be a big boy and sit by himself.
Our first stop the famous Raffles Hotel. This is the lobby and Mark was not allowed into the hotel bc he was wearing short and flip flops. Crazy but beautiful.
Another shot outside the hotel.
I think the kids were enjoying the tour.
Inside the Raffles Hotel is the famous LONG bar where the Singapore Sling was invented. I was not impressed this was my first time there and I was expecting some crazy LONG bar... go figure.
Mark did a great job hauling the kids around and keeping them entertained.
Then we meet Dad at a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner. Look at those skewers.
Then it was time for bed and this would be the last time the Brooklyn and Pierce would see each other (this trip at least)... there were lots of hugs.
And more hugs (pierce tried to stay occupied but he did enjoy the lovin).
And finally the KISS... they break my heart.
We had such a wonderful time with the Carr's and can't wait until they can make this way again.


Cassidy said...

they look so cute in their outfits. I love "the kiss" picture. what cute little friends.

Jacquie said...

wow, Brooklyn and Pierce def got some good kiss time in this trip - sad that they had to go home...but at least you have a nice, long visit with them :)

The Robinsons said...

Love the Chinese outfits. Adorable!

And Mark's "they're both mine" remark cracked me up! That is some quick wit!


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