Thursday, October 16, 2008

Elephant Show in Bintan!

We went to see an Elephant Show and this is what we got when we arrived... beautiful men and women greeting us to the show.

To our left was this man sitting holding an enormous snake... see the sign next to him.. pay $2 for a picture... I got this one for free.. but later we got a family picture.

Here we are waiting for the show... we were not the only ones there but we did get there first...

Here Brooklyn was dancing to the music... Pierce was glued to mommy and daddy... not so sure.

They asked for volunteers to come and learn a new dance... well you know I had to go... that is me on the far left.

And here comes the elephants... pretty cool.

These two are in love... we hold hands and they hold trunks.

Mark and Blake thought this was the coolest part... they stood and turned on these post like little ballerina's. Pretty amazing.

And they play basketball.

Here we are sitting on the elephant... he liked us bc we just fed him some bananas.

They have math skills... Mark volunteered for this... He gave the elephant a math problem (5+3) and the elephant brought him the #8... now you figure that one out.

They can walk over people (the were volunteers from the crowd... crazy) with the gentlest stride and ever so cautious calculation of their next step... pretty cool and the trainer told us not to try this in the wild... NO KIDDING.

Then the Carr's went for a ride... we got a ride in Thailand so we decided to sit out and take pictures.

The Carr clan.

Here is our clan with the snake... this snake was so strong... and a bit scary. Pierce was not so sure... but he did at one point dig his fingers into the snake accidentally...

Pierce and I dancing with the elephants... check out those huge animals moving to the beat (I am talking about the elephants... HE HE HE).

A couple of elephants playing the harmonica... amazing.

This is awesome... a huge elephant running and playing football(what Americans call soccer). You can even hear Blake's reaction on the video... He thought this was pretty cool.


Jones Family said...

You guys have had some of the coolest experiences!!!!!!

Cassidy said...

The snake picture is freaking me out!

The Westcott Family said...

You sure do the most interesting things with animals. I would never have held that snake. NEVER.


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