Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sentosa with The Carrs!

One of the Sundays the Carrs where here we decided to take the entire group to Sentosa Island. We had Maya come along with us for some help and to watch the kids while we went to the Fish Reflexology place. Here is the whole gang walking to the beach (except me... I am taking the picture like usual).

Our first stop was the "Underwater World" aka. Fish Aquarium.

We had such a blast and kids loved all the "fishies".

I love this picture bc you can see Pierce reflection on the side of Brooklyn. He has the biggest grin.

Here is a cool shot of some jelly fish.

Then we decided to go the beach and let the kids run around. Here are my boys playing Frisbee.

More sand....

Great shot of the local boys laying out... they pile up sand for their pillow... pretty cool.

Then we left the kids at the beach with Maya and we adults headed to the Fish Reflexology Spa. You have seen this before with my parents so of course we had to the take The Carrs there. So much fun. This shot was taken about 10 minutes into the session so they were use to it by then.

This picture was taken right when they first put there feet in the water.. see Lisa has her knees pulled up.

Great shot of what it looks like... just imagine how it feels.

Then we went to ride the luge and we found out that the kids could ride with us. This was Pierce first chair lift ride... we were all a little nervous and this is the best picture we could get and still hold Pierce, the camera and make sure we didn't fall of in the process.

As soon as we got to the top of the hill we had to put on our hats and take luge down. Brooklyn did have a good time during the ride but she did not want to put on that hat.

Here we are all lined up and ready to go. Pierce rode with Daddy and I was suppose to take the pictures but were going way to fast so this is all you get.


Jacquie said...

You and Carrs have had so much fun! I love the jellyfish picture - good one. I don't know what to think about that fish reflexology place...kinda creapy.

Jordan said...

Hey Camille,
I wanted to e-mail you and I think I remember you updating your e-mail but I must not have saved it... I still have you at rediclinic. Anyway, here are two blogs that made me think of your friend who lost sweet Tyndel. If you thought they'd be helpful to her please pass them along.

Hope all is well. Will you e-mail me so I have your new one. also I mailed you a invite to Alaina's shower! Wish you could make it

Jones Family said...

Great shot of the jellyfish! Now who's the photographer. Stacy and I got a kick out of the fish spa. CRAZY!

Corrie said...

I think it's awesome that you guys are jumping in and really experiencing everything Singapore has to offer. You're much braver than I am. Case in point: that fish reflexology thing would FREAK me out!

The Westcott Family said...

We need to take dan to the fish spa...I won't touch him feet but the fish sure could feast on them!


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