Monday, May 26, 2014

We wanted snow... and we got it. Skiing in Feb 2014

In Feb we went on another ski trip with friends... same place Pyeong Chang but with a much smaller group.  We had been watching the forecast a few days before we left and it always said snow but we had no idea it would be so much when we got there.  Look at all this snow.  The kids (including us adults... for some reason snow makes everyone a kid) had so much fun.
Every morning the guys had to shovel our way out of the driveway... look at all that snow and that just happened over night.

Hard to see it here... but while we were here my grandparents, Granny and PawPaw Pierce celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary so we wrote it in the snow and sent them a picture.

In the back of our apartment there is a deck and one morning Blake took the kids to the back of the deck and tried to get them to walk to me through the snow... it was so deep they did not get very far.

This is the view from our bed every morning... looks cold right?

Poor guys shoveling us out every morning but they never complained and they were fast (bc this is what was keeping them from the slopes... so they worked in overdrive).

Last day... there had to be a snow fight... 

More pics of the slopes coming up.

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Denton Family said...

I would have asked to stay in by the fire place on these days.


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