Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Noble Christmas Party... Dec 2013

Our very first Noble Christmas Party....everyone that works for Noble and their spouse were invited and boy did we have fun.  The party was held at the Hyundai Hotel in Ulsan and we started the night with champagne and hors d'oeuvres in the lobby.  Then we moved to the banquet hall at our assigned tables for speeches, games, music and lots of dancing.  
They hired a professional photographer to take pics all night, so here is a little "picture show" of the party.  Enjoy.
When we first arrived we were told to wear something festive and since it was cold outside I could not take off my jacket yet.

I love that the operations guys were told to come as you are... and they did... in their big bird suits.

Even superman was there...

Once inside... The big Boss (A.K.A my man) lead the night with a speech, toast and lots of games.

Look at all these people.

Sometime outside I lost my hat for these glasses... 

There were lots of games and one you had to vote on best dressed, most photogenic, etc.  Somehow my pic got on the board for most photogenic and Blake told everyone not to vote for me (BOO HOO)... he did not want either of us to win anything (which I understood) but my biggest cheerleader could not be that night... I got over it real quick once the DJ started.

These were the finalist for the best dressed... the winner was on the far left.

Blake and his amazing secretary leading the show... She had all the details and Blake was the deliverer of good or bad news.

I love group pics...

I love the next couple of pics... they really show the progression of the night... the first pic is when the DJ showed up and started rapping (literally)... everyone just kind of sat there... check out the pics and really try to imagine the night.

A few of the young Korean girls started to clap.

I could hardly stand it so Blake and I were on the side and I had to start shaking my hips.

Then they started "spinning"... and this is when Blake started getting worried... well I could not let my man worry to long so...

I started corralling people in the audience to stand up...

And then we hit the dance floor... there were just three of us in the beginning.

Ok... now the DJ is learning... no more rapping and spinning... he starts to play Gangnam Style and then more people come.

And more... 

Now the line dances have started... this might be the liquid encouragement speaking now.

As you can see I am in a lot of pics and Blake is no where to be found... I had double duty representing the Denton Clan... and enjoyed every second of it.

Even a few to scared to join the dance floor started getting crazy in the back.

The night was over for me too early (Blake was ready:-))... it was a good night.. I still got my glasses but not really sure where the black bunny ears came from.

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