Monday, May 5, 2014

Girls Christmas Party... Dec 2013

We had our 2nd Annual Christmas Party (and now the last) here in Ulsan.  A tradition I started last year bc I... well who needs an excuse to have a party... not I... so we got a bunch of girls together... well this year we found ourselves in the same predicament and although faces have changed (people leave and people come in this expat life we live in) it was another fun filled night with great friends.  This year we played lots of games, had some fancy drinks and opened presents... so much fun.

Don't you just love that fireplace... pretty cool for being on the 13th floor without a chimney.

The pics below were from a game where you had to take balloons (blow them up yourself) and stuff them in panty hose to make reindeer antlers.  The first team to do so wins.

This game we had to tear a Christmas tree shape out of construction paper without looking... the one that resembled the best tree won.

Now this next game was hilarious... I found it off of another blog website and they were right... a fun fun game full of laughter.  Tie a string around your waist and hand a banana from the end of the string. Use the banana to roll an orange onto a target... pretty simple huh... well we sure did have some experts in the group and the competition was on.

Liz (the pic below) was our champion.. slow and steady wins the race.

Two of the girls were big and pregnant so this was quite funny watching them.

Now its gift time... another fun game.

Yes we had a game board.... and the winners got a prize... so fun... wish we could do it again.

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