Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Ball in Ulsan... Jan 2014

My good friend Heather asked us if we wanted to go to Burns Ball coming up... and I had no idea what she was referring to but I am glad we said yes... we ended up getting a whole table full of friends and having a ball.  There is a huge history to Burns Ball and I would never do it justice so in short it is a Scottish event full of dancing, drinking, poems, getting dressed up, eating and more.  

I had recently lost some weight so I thought oh well I'm going to a ball so I need a new dress... and with some friends help we decided that I needed a RED DRESS for the ball.  Now keep in mind we are in Korea (Koreans are really small) and it is winter... so we had a lofty goal but it was a goal... so off we went shopping and do you know we walked into a Korean store called Micha and found a red dress with long sleeves... it was beautiful and I was very excited about it.  I came home and took pics and sent to family and friends back home to get their input... it was a hit.  However I did not have any time to put it on for Blake (and it was kind of hard to put on and off... a little tight) so the night of the ball I had two dresses that I tried on for him... Guess what he picked?
Not the RED DRESS but the black one (he wanted me to show a little skin... HE HE HE)... No big deal, we put on the black one and off we went... first the red carpet.

Here's our gang... don't we look pretty all dressed up.

The bag pipes were amazing but the Haggis was not so amazing... I choose not to eat it after I watched every one's face around the table.
My date... isn't he handsome... love him.

P.S.  If your worried about the red dress... well don't, she will make her appearance later... don't worry.

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