Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our big 7 year old... Jan 2014

Where does time go... I can not believe that Pierce is 7 years old.  It seems like yesterday we found out that we were pregnant but in the same breath if feels like 20 years ago.  Pierce has really grown up a lot this past year, he's smarter, calmer (:-)), has more friends, taller, has more words (if that is even possible) and probably the biggest change has been his coordination.  Even his teacher that has had him now for 2 years has recently told me that Pierce has really grown into his body and is now more coordinated, stable and athletic.  And since we have all noticed that Pierce has noticed as well and has now taken on a new love/appreciation for various sports and now is way more competitive.  His teacher also said last year Pierce had almost no interest in sports and I would have to help him keep focused on the game and pay attention to what he was doing or where the ball was... now this year I have to work with him on his sportsmanship and how to be a good winner and a good looser.  His teacher assured me this was normal and a GREAT thing.  

Pierce still loves anything military, especially if it has more than 4 wheels or flies and if it was associated to WWII.  He has a love for movies and Daddy has loved showing him some of the classics like Superman, Star Wars and ET.  Pierce is the best big brother and loves his brother so much.  We would be blessed 10 fold if Asher grew up to be as smart, fun and loving as his brother.

Blessed to be the mom of this 7 year old... 
never a dull moment around here and I would never change a thing.

Our tradition on birthday mornings... eating donuts... So off we went to have some donuts (can't believe we have never done this in Korea before).  

A friend brought over a cake for Pierce... so sweet!

If you know our family we don't just celebrate our birthday... but also the week and then sometimes even the year.... so there is more to come... stay tuned.

Sweet Cousin Anna sent this message to Pierce.

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