Sunday, May 11, 2014

More fun Christmas Day 2013

After all the morning fun... we had afternoon fun and then some evening fun (post to come).  The boys finally got some food in their bellies and out of their pj's... but we were still playing with all our toys.  

Thanks to Aunt JuJu/Uncle KW and GM/GP the boys had matching shark house shoes.  So cute right... and one top of that ViVi/GD gave Pierce his black warm up clothes and Elly/Keith gave Asher his cute little Adidas Track Suit... the boys were styling for sure.

Forgot about this pic... one night before the Christmas madness I captured the moment of me relaxing by the fire enjoying the tree with some Christmas tunes.

Pierce playing with his new stuff... fun times under this camo tarp.

It was a cold day but we had to take the boys out and enjoy some fresh air... Little Asher walking with daddy... be still my beating heart.

Asher loves birds and wants to catch one of these so bad.

For Christmas Pierce really wanted some Beetles... he had been asking for these for months.  So on Christmas he got some pics of beetles with a voucher to go and pick out two of his liking.  So shortly after Christmas Day we headed to Grand Park, where they have a bug museum and we got some beetles.  This man in the pic with Pierce was so nice to pick out the best beetles for Pierce.  He wanted the beetles to live a long time so he hand picked them for Pierce.  Pierce got a male and female and named them John and Mary.  It is now May and they are still with us (REALLY ::))((().  Pierce was one happy boy with his beetles.

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